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KAP Group Classes

About Me

I'm a psychiatrist and writer with 30 years of experience helping people to overcome challenges. I have a private practice in Baltimore and have also worked in community mental health centers as both a clinician and an administrator. I am a past president of the Maryland Psychiatric Society. I trained at Johns Hopkins where I continue to supervise and teach residents. I am very excited about offering KAP as a treatment!


My groups are 5 sessions - three of these include the administration of sublingual (under the tongue) ketamine lozenges, that will take you places you have never been. The groups are meant to challenge you and the preparation and integration are essential. They are work, but they are also gratifying.

This experience is for people looking for ketamine treatment in a safe environment. I am a physician and I'm present in the room for all of the sessions. I have had specialized training in KAP at the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) in Colorado.

Dinah Miller M.D.

Private Practice and Physician Career Coaching

Dr. Miller is not currently accepting new patients in her private psychiatric practice.


If you are a physician who is interested in career coaching, please contact me for more information.

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